Paris 2008


P1000044 copy.JPG
After getting lost, we stumble upon Notre Dame cathedral
P1000044 smart.JPG
At the end of every alley...
P1000046 cafe chairs and ashtray.JPG
Cafes everywhere
P1000049 shutters and geraniums.JPG
P1000059 le metro cafe.JPG
Le Metro Cafe above Maubert Mutualite Metro station, a short walk from the perfectly located Hotel des Carmes - a minute from the Pantheon, the Metro, Notre Dame, wine, cheese, bread and pastry shops. Does accommodation get better than this?
P1000065 leessen very carefwelly.JPG
Leessen very carefwelly, I weell say thees only wernce
P1000075 autumn.JPG
P1000098 et.JPG
The spectacular Eiffel Tower. Wikipedia tells us: Depending on the ambient temperature, the top of the tower may shift away from the sun by up to 18 cm (7 in) because of thermal expansion of the metal on the side facing the sun. The tower also sways 6–7 cm (2–3 in) in the wind
P1000101 et detail.JPG
P1000126 view from ET.JPG
695 steps later... The golden dome is Les Invalides and the dome at far right the Pantheon, near Notre Dame and our hotel
P1000111 lost woman.JPG
Lost woman
P1000123 sienne.JPG
A pair of Metro trains cross on one of the many river Seine bridge. These shots from the second level. From here you can take a ride to the top.
P1000143 view from the top.JPG
The view from the third/ top level - about 300 meters up
P1000142 antonio was here.JPG
Antonio the brave was here
P1000155 ET at night.jpg
Night Spectacle 
P1000162 brekky.JPG
Brekky at Cafe de Flore before heading off in the wrong direction on our self-'guided' walking tour
P1000167 cafe de flore.JPG
Cafe de Flore
P1000180 gnome.JPG
Even the gnomes are rude in Paris
P1000182 edible art.JPG
Edible art
P1000188 wifi.JPG
The grounds of Saint-Germain-des-Prés are a WiFi zone... 
P1000190 the news.JPG
Catching up on the news
P1000193 st germain.JPG
St Germain again
P1000194 dog tired.JPG
Dog Tired
P1000198 cafe life.JPG
Cafe life
P1000216 big church.JPG
Saint Sulpice - building began in 1646
P1000228 copy.JPG
Beautiful and popular Jardin du Luxembourg gardens
P1000227 two ladies.JPG
AbFab in Paris
P1000230 sun.JPG
Not a bad place for a read
P1000238 pantheon.JPG
Pantheon dome
P1000242 et view .JPG
Parisian view
P1000243 gargoyle.JPG
P1000253 moffe.JPG
The view from the bottom of Rue Mouffetard
P1000254 rose near pantheon.jpg
P1000256 door detail.jpg
Door detail
P1000260 waiting for the Metro.jpg
That's more than enough walking. Waiting for the Metro
P1000262 metro.jpg
Brilliant Metro service
P1000264 smart cars.jpg
Beep beep
P1000267 rue de lanneau.jpg
Rue de Lanneau - one of a zillion charming streets in the Latin Quarter. 
P1000269 cafe rue descartes.jpg
Scenes from a Parisian cafe

P1000275 scenes from a Parisian cafe.jpg

P1000282 Sainte Etienne du Mont.jpg
Sainte Etienne du Mont
P1000287 Notre Dame.jpg
Notre Dame by night
P1000304 metro at night.jpg
P1000306 ze baguette.jpg
A woman and her baguette are not easily parted
P1000308 headless pidgeon.jpg
Headless pigeon. Superb photography.
P1000310 ET from the metro crossing sienne.jpg
The ET as seen from the metro while crossing the Seine 
P1000313 de arch.jpg
Arc de Triomphe
P1000320 ET from ADT.jpg
Views from the top (another 284 steps)
P1000333 champs from arc.jpg
P1000346 eastern bloc band.jpg
A very groovy 100 piece band from Estonia or somewhere.
P1000370 dem bones_catacombes.jpg
Between 1786 and 1814, the bones of 6 million were transferred from disease ridden cemeteries to the ossuaries in former underground quarries - the catacombs The tunnels were also used by both the German occupiers and the French Resistance during WW2. Or so we were told.
P1000385 collection.jpg
On an entirely different note, the most amazing food and underwear collection at Restaurant Les fêtes galantes run by chef Bibi at
17 rue de l'école Polytechnique near the Pantheon. Our helpful, charming, enthusiastic but frazzled English waitress may or may not still be employed there
P1000390 louvre.jpg
The Louvre

P1000396 louvre.jpg

P1000397 louvre pyramid.jpg

P1000403 Tuileries Garden.jpg
Tuileries Garden