Feathered Flying Friends.

Misc bird pics from Long Island, NY and Hawk Mountain, Pennsylvania 


It's bloody hard talking pictures of birds. They aren't quite as predictable as trains in terms of their movement for starters. Nor do they follow any form of timetable. Then the sun is usually on top of them and they're against a bright sky. They're usually smaller than your average train as well and they're always miles away from you. 

I take most of these with a 400mm lens plus a 1.4 extender - it's hard to handhold, it's hard to find what you're looking for through it and even harder to keep it in the viewfinder. Still, it's something different.  

Click on a pic or underlined text in the left frame to view the image here. 

All digital images by Darryl K Bond. Feel free to use for non-profit purposes provided you credit the photographer, provide a link to here and let me know! All are approx 100-300 kb jpeg files.