I think these pics were taken in the mid 80s, when due to some extreme penny pinching, I developed the film but never got them printed. As Evan B rightly points out, these are my Dead Sea Scrolls of trainspotting. Pics were taken on Mum's old fixed focus 35mm instamatic camera.

Almost all the locos and  many of the scenes in these pics have vanished forever - The DI, DE, DGs and most of the DJs were cut up (I think 3211 remains with the OETT in a new livery), the DSA may be in private hands now, Dunedin's turntable was moved to the south end of the depot, vans were retired, four wheel wagons are no more, DXs have single windows and are in different hues, the Otira electrification has vanished, the DFs are now DFTs. Even the model railway pictured is no more.