Nighthawk Custom 1911
My friend Glenn has become quite an accomplished target shooter, so we took shots of his arsenal. This is a Nighthawk Custom 1911 pistol, and quite a photogenic little machine it is when a little remote flash is applied just so.
And here's the man himself in action. Well not really, as he didn't want to put holes in his house. The smoke was a match blown out and stuffed down the barrel. It took about 10 goes to get one in there without breaking it, it going out, it falling out, or me burning my fingers…
Fall on Long Island
Fall 2008 on Long Island
IMG_04681 Maeve 1920s for Emma.jpg
The day the world stood still. I had just arrived in NZ and was watching a video with Rhys and Janeen in the middle of the night. The tape stopped, the BBC came on and we watched in disbelief along with the rest of the planet. Our Manhattan office was right by the WTC, so  two weeks later I took this. Something that still frightens me. 
IMG_04681 Maeve 1920s for Emma.jpg
On a cheerier note, niece in law Maeve. Remote flashes aren't just for trains you know...
One of my first digital pics taken with an Olympus C3030 - an Apple and Marshmallows. Obviously.
Porters Pass Tobogganists 2004 
Long Island Winter
badclouds copy.JPG
Storm clouds, Otago, NZ
Boats swirl in the harbour at Odaiba, Tokyo
Shinjuku, Tokyo
Sumo wrestling, Hakodate, Japan



Of course I was accosted for autographs, because being twice as tall and wide as anyone else there, they assumed I was in it... Sitting in a 2x2 foot square on a hard floor for five hours is no fun either.

Tokyo tower.JPG
Tokyo tower and the Rainbow bridge
braided river 2 copy.JPG
Braided river taken while flying into Timaru on one of those tiny old flying-pencil planes, NZ
deb2 copy.jpg
My old school chum Deborah in the Rally of NZ few years back.
dog copy.JPG
Yes, its a dog. Ireland
F51T1573 joshua.JPG
Joshua Tree, Nevada
F51T1582 searchlight house.JPG
House at Searchlight, Nevada
F51T1597 goffs boxes.JPG
Mailboxes, Goffs, Nv
F51T1603 army essex.JPG
Essex, beside Route 66
F51T1608 roadrunner.JPG
The fading glory of old Route 66
F51T1618 roys plus train.JPG
The famous Rt 66 landmark at Amboy - note that the entire town is for sale. As-is, where is. Please contact owner. Traingeeks will appreciate the train in the background.
F51T1615 bus amboy.JPG
Bus, Amboy 
F51T1621 roys cafe.JPG
The interior at Roy's 
F51T1768 windmill.JPG
Pumping up nothing in the desert.
F51T2817 mousehole cat copy.JPG
A cat catches 40 winks at a town, appropriately called Mousehole in Cornwall. Unfortunately the correct pronunciation is 'Mowsall'
F51T2853 pt isaac copy.JPG
The delightful town of Port Isaac in the UK, where the 'Saving Grace' movie was filmed.
star ferry copy.JPG
Star Ferry, Hong Kong
ferry dude copy.JPG
Some dude heading across Hong Kong Harbour in the Star Ferry
HK street signs 1 copy.JPG
Nathan Rd, HK
HK view Tram copy.JPG
HK view from the Peak Tram terminal
HK boat little copy.JPG
Boat on HK harbour
Way out west. Ireland
renvyle copy.JPG
Renvyle, Ireland. Not Hawaii, yes, really, Ireland. 
hr blur 2 copy.JPG
Photo Finish, Dublin
hr bookie mccartan copy.JPG
Bookies. Dublin
hunters bluebottle copy.JPG
hunters stones copy.JPG
Some stones outside an Irish doorway
P1230376 copy.JPG
The Ha'penny bridge in Dublin
P2180396 bk.JPG
PA100278 shang.JPG
PC250051 santa.JPG
Santa plunges into the subzero sea at the Forty Foot, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland
PC280081 irl.JPG
Somewhere in Northern Ireland
sheep bath copy.JPG
Sheep bathing facilities, Galway, Ireland
PC280090 copy.JPG
And here comes the snow... Northern Ireland
F51T2465 fc.JPG
The Forbidden City in Beijing
F51T2487 fc.JPG
Roof detail
F51T2493 fc.JPG
Forbidden in the Forbidden City
F51T2577 wall.JPG
A big wall
F51T2596 wall.JPG
In fact, a great wall.
F51T2620 first stop tearoom.JPG
Taking a cuppa the way Queen Vic intended. Dorset, UK
F51T2646 seatown copy.JPG
Seatown, East Dorset sunset. What a gorgeous town.
F51T2660 seatown sheep.JPG
English sheep. Yes, I'm a New Zealander.
F51T2779 polperro night.JPG
Polperro, Cornwall
Mumbai commute copy.JPG
Mumbai (Bombay) commuters
Mumbai1 copy.JPG
Catching up on the news - Mumbai
Don't do this either copy.JPG

Bizarre sign on train in Malaysia

Petonas Bridge Under copy.JPG
Petonas Towers, Kuala Lumpur 
Petronas at night copy.JPG
Petronas at night
Petronas porthole copy.JPG
Petronas tower from a porthole in the Skybridge
Petronas up copy.JPG
Petronas looking wayyy up
wellington night.JPG
Wellington harbour at night, NZ
Wellington night copy.JPG
Wellington at night
Wtn Freyberg copy.JPG
Freyberg pool, Wellington
Car P*rnography 
Fall in Autumn 2006
 Sayville Dock 2002
Big Nose
On the creek 2005
PC100030 copy.JPG
View from our former Manhattan office 2001
Fine Waimate sheep. Just to leave us all-a-tingley.