F51T2517 center bvd.JPG

Pre-gathering photo shoot on Center Bvd in Brooklyn

F51T2521 black butte.JPG

Black butte

F51T2526 former daimler building.JPG

The former Daimler building


With Milltek and custom exhausts ahead, I could hardly hear myself think in the Queens-Midtown Tunnel. My car sounds so wimpy

F51T2554-to infinity.JPG

Now you're just dicking around

F51T2574-moving fluff.JPG


F51T2578-extracted copy.JPG

The lineup forms in front of the Museum of Natural History


Evil's weekend car.


The Gathering is near

F51T2597-extracted copy.JPG

Oooo, a blue one

F51T2599-here comes trouble.JPG

Uh-oh... The cops liked Edward so much they stopped traffic and let us make illegal u-turns en masse. Not enough to give us a motorcycle escort though. Must have been the shorts.

F51T2607-central park.JPG

Whee! Note to self: camera on tripod with remote release through the sunroof only works until the first corner

F51T2611-central park.JPG

Buzzing through Central Park

F51T2620-Another Mr Ed.JPG

Hey, is that an RS4? How many horsepower? Mind if I urinate buckets-worth right here beside you?

F51T2634-times sq.JPG

RS4s only

F51T2642-not taxi.JPG

Look again, it's not two taxis

F51T2645-washington thing.JPG

DB about to take the racing line to the apex as soon as he pulls the camera back through the sunroof.

F51T2657-RS4 street.JPG

People that you meet in your neighborhood. Today's program bought to you by the letters R, S and the number four...


RS4 street


Even cooler wheels.

F51T2669-wild about audis.JPG

Wild about Audis

F51T2674-doggy style.JPG

Doggy style

F51T2700-extracted copy.JPG

Down at the Brooklyn Bridge

F51T2708-ice cream.JPG



F51T2735-from the limo.JPG

View from the limo

F51T2738-the collection.JPG

The Audi Collection

F51T2740-the cool people.JPG

All the cool people. Pic by JeffAhn.

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