F51T4170 copy.JPG
Bee eater bird
F51T4177 copy.JPG
Lion cubs
F51T4189 copy.JPG
Okavango Delta sunset. This is normally grassland, but floods in the winter
F51T4203 copy.JPG
Red Lechwe bounding across the shallow water
F51T4215 copy.JPG
Mokoro ride
F51T4270 copy.JPG
Yes, it's a giraffe
F51T4294 copy.JPG
Can't remember this one
F51T4300 copy.JPG
Water lilies 
F51T4323 copy.JPG
Papyrus sunset
F51T4333 copy.JPG
Nxabega moonrise
F51T4363 copy.JPG
Close call
F51T4375 copy.JPG
Lion cubs
F51T4414 copy.JPG
F51T4425 copy.JPG
Elephant - you knew that already I hope
F51T4448 copy.JPG
Impalas (the McDonalds of the area)
F51T4458 copy.JPG
Red lechwe
F51T4508 copy.JPG
Male giraffes whacking each other with their horns
F51T4526 copy.JPG
Lilac breasted roller - an amazingly beautiful bird. This one with a meal in its beak
F51T4557 copy.JPG
Vultures gathering
F51T4580 copy.JPG
Another amazing sunset
F51T4626 copy.JPG
I wouldn't call this effective camouflage
F51T4628 copy.JPG
Zebra party
F51T4669 copy.JPG
Roaring in the morning
F51T4682 copy.JPG
Leopard on the prowl
F51T4690 copy.JPG
Guess what this is
F51T4692 copy.JPG
Eye to eye
F51T4699 copy.JPG
F51T4713 copy.JPG
Wildebeest gathering at the waterhole
F51T4722 copy.JPG
The Flying Banana
F51T4849 copy.JPG
Victoria Falls
F51T4866 copy.JPG
Victoria Falls from the railway bridge
F51T4878 copy.JPG
Baby elephant
F51T4901 copy.JPG
The elusive Rhino
F51T4907 copy.JPG
What're you laughing at?
canoe on zambezi.jpg
Canoeing across the Zambezi