SI (Excl Midland)


SI tim dbr1282 2 jan 83 side.JPG
 DBR 1282 is a surprise visitor to Timaru on 2 Jan 83 with a Caroline Bay Carnival train from Christchurch. Seen here at Timaru's  station
SI tim dbr1282 2 jan 83.JPG
And leaving
SI dn  3 djs apr 1988 CN.JPG
Three DJs bring a train into Dunedin just before a sunrise in Apr 1988. Taken from the Pelichet Bay lighting tower, one of my favourite haunts which would no doubt get me arrested as a terrorist now...!
SI dn  3067 3390 3637 southe allenton.JPG
Treble DJs 3067, 3390 and 3637 head south with a Southerner at Allenton on a cloudy day in the late 80s
SI dn  3390 3499 1989 sawyers bay.JPG
A pair of DJs lug the Southerner upgrade at Sawyers bay. 1989
SI dn  3390 3499 1989 church rd.JPG
The same train at the famous Church rd curve
SI dn 1211 bushey bridge sept 1989.JPG
A selection of pics from a J1211 steam excursion tour taken in Sept 1989. This pic: Bushy 
SI dn 1211 dunedin dept sept 1989.JPG

Leaving Dunedin

SI dn 1211 dunedin away sept 1989.JPG

SI dn 1211 ld outside 3211 sept 1989.JPG
Resting at Dunedin Loco
SI dn 1211 merton fog sept 1989.JPG
Making the most of the appalling weather at Merton
SI dn 1211 merton low tide sept 1989.JPG
Coming back through Merton
SI dn 1211 overbridge sept 1989.JPG
Near Palmerston
SI dn 1211 station nic sept 1989.JPG
At Dunedin
SI dn 1211 waianakarua sept 1989.JPG
SI dn 3 dx x 3188 on port jun 1989 early morn higher.JPG
DJ 3188  with a Port Chalmers shunt and a goods with three DXs about to head north, one cold early morning in June 1989. Your trusty reporter was there on his trusty scarfie issue Raleigh 20 to record the action...
SI dn 3050 3574 3482 ballast away jan 1988.JPG
DJs 3050, 3574 and 3482 wait at Palmerston with a ballast train in Jan 1988
SI dn 3107 3424 3104 new mw caris southe stn apr 88.JPG
Treble DJs 3107 3424 3104 head south past Carisbrook during the mixed up period in April 88 while the Southerner was being transformed to the new look.
SI dn 3107 3545 3188 depot jun 1989.JPG
Dunedin loco in June 1989
SI dn 3194 southe burnside apr 89.JPG
DJ  3194 passes stone train rakes of LAs at Burnside in April 1989
SI dn 3332 3136 6110 sawyers bay transition southe feb 1988.JPG
In the late 80s, Mondays usually saw a DF (later a DX) added to the northbound Southerner (train 144). Occasionally, the DF had issues and the DJs towed it north. Usually the extra loco came off at Oamaru. Here 3332+3136 lug dead 6110 at Sawyers Bay in Feb 1988
SI dn 3390 3672 stone train 1988.JPG
One of the last stone trains in 1988 headed by DJs 3390 and 3672
SI dn 3545 nth southe x 3 djs balc jun 1989.JPG
DJ 3545 with our northbound Southerner waits at Balclutha for a triple DJ southbound in June 1989
SI dn 3551 3188 southe dn yard  film CL 1988-9.JPG
Southerner headed by 3551 and 3188 in the old Dunedin yard in 1988. Much of the right half of this scene is now light industry and a service station.
SI dn 3580 3551 shag southe may 88.JPG
Near Shag point, Ken Devlin brings the carless Poor Dunedin Student and a couple of other followers to another neat place. 3580 and 3551 in May 88
SI dn 3643 southe shag pt 1989.JPG
West Coast DJ 3643 with the southerner near Shag Point in the later half of 1989. Note the white roofed car van, which showed up for a few weeks. Mum and Dad's Morry the Morris being put to good use
SI dn 3djs signal 1989.JPG
I started taking a few night shots in 1989 with normally a couple of northbounds and a long southbound each evening available for stalking. There were loads of triple DJ night trains but they were becoming rare in 1989 as the DXs and DCs took over. I wish I had taken more pics of them!
SI dn 4847 dx night stn sept 1988.JPG
Here a Northbound waits for the all clear at the small yard by the station. Train control was in the station and I spent a few all nighters up there as well back in the friendlier days of the NZR.
SI dn 4951 last stone train jul 1989.JPG
DC 4951 brings the very last stone from Burnside into the Dunedin yard. July 1989
SI dn 5235 3637 southe pel bay 1989.JPG
Monday DX 5235 leads 3637 on the Southerner at Pelichet Bay
SI dn 5241 3156 south big cutting jul 1989.JPG
5241 and 3156 at the 'big cutting' above Port Chalmers - July 1989
SI dn 5241 3156 south big cutting away jul 1989.JPG
The same train heading away
SI dn 5241 5483 dn yard night copy.JPG
5241 and 5483 in Dunedin goods yard 
SI dn 5241 dj southe big cutting late 1989.JPG
The big cutting again in late 1989
SI dn 5379 airbourne ld inside sept 1989.JPG
DX 5379 airbourne in the loco depot - one night in Sept 1989
SI dn 5391 3159 southe jun 1989.JPG
 5391 and 3159 on another Monday Southerner July 1989. This is a crappy pic, included purely for the jigger collection visible over the back!
SI dn 5454 3188 southe burkes jun 1989.JPG
At Burkes, 5454 and 3188 with yet another Monday Southerner in June 1989
SI dn 5454 3188 southe karitane late 1989.JPG
Mondays were good days! 5454 3188 on the Merton bridge in late 1989
SI dn 5454 3188 southe warrington late 1989.JPG
The same train near Warrington 
SI dn 5454 5477 night anzac away  jun 1989.JPG
Night shots were always a bit of a gamble, but this one turned out pretty well - 5454 and 5477 taken from the Anzac Ave bridge in June 1989 with the varsity in the background
SI dn 5477 3580 southe rav boat apr 89.JPG
A favourite Ken Devlin location in April 89
SI dn 6014 3551 3672 southe pelichet bay 1988.JPG
 6104 3551 3672 at Pelichet Bay
SI dn 6014 3551 3672 southe merton 1988.JPG
Same train at Merton - 1988
SI dn 6029 3545 3580 tower wide p bay apr 1988.JPG
Another hair raising lighting tower shot with flying tomato 6029, 3545 and 3580 April 1988
SI dn 6029 3551 3021 southe dg 2445 roof p bay apr 1988.JPG
6029 again, with 3551 and 3021 with the roof of DG2445, which was being dismantled at Pelichet Bay, providing the mandatory elevation. April 1988
SI dn 6064 dj southe pel bay 1989.JPG
My favourite DF, 6064, wheels a Southerner North in 1989
SI dn 6070 3171 night 1988.JPG
DF 6070 and DJ 3171 with a northbound near Anzac Ave one night in 1988
SI dn 6070 6058 anzac st 1989.JPG
DFs 6070+6058 at the coal merchant near the Anzac Ave Bridge - 1989
SI dn 6104 2dj vert evansdale 1988.JPG
6104 and 2 DJs near Evansdale with one of the newly refurbished Southerners in 1988
SI dn 6104 dj yard night 1988.JPG
A southbound led by 6104 and a DJ in 1988. The main yard was constrained by a road crossing between it and the station yard, so southbounds were often strung out up the embankment and sometimes baylond the Andersons Bay Rd bridge.
SI dn 6133 3326 3211 south stn apr 88.JPG
Wow, sun in Dunedin. 6133 3326 3211 April 88
SI dn 6156 3672 3038 4853 away first dc in dn apr 1988 CQ.JPG
The first DC in Dunedin was bought down on this train for a Hillside open day. 6156 3672 3038 4853 apr 1988. The train was so late arriving that it never made it to Hillside and returned north the next day.
SI dn 6156 djdj southe anzac apr 1988 CQ.JPG
6156 heads another Monday 1988 Southerner 
SI dn 6162 3194 3021southe pelichet bay film CL 1988-9.JPG
6162 3194 3021 from up the tower
SI dn 6202 3614 3551 southe rav boat CQ.JPG
6202 3614 3551 at Ravensbourne 
SI dn 6202 6185 wet apr 1988.JPG
One wet early Sunday morning in April 1988, DFs 6202 and 6185 prepare to head north.
SI dn big cutting 3292 3188 transition southe feb 1988.JPG
One of my favourite shots of the transition Southerners at the big cutting, Feb 1988
SI dn big cutting 6012 3620 3580 1988.JPG
Another favourite shot from that location with 6012 3620 3580. This shot featured in the 1988 Salmond Hall magazine with me flying over it on my bike!
SI dn mihiwaka 2dj southe 1988.JPG
As did this one.  Ken Devlin and I walked up to the portal here, catching 6070 3676 3286 on the northbound train on our way there. This must have been a period where the Southerners were the only chaseable day trans.

SI dn big cutting 6070 3676 3286 1988 front.JPG

SI dn cav southe 3136 3424 3194 apr 1988 CN.JPG
Near Caversham, triple DJs 3136 3424 3194 pass by in Apr 1988 
SI dn dj3292 southe bushey bridge tree sept 1989 edit.JPG
DJ 3292 crosses the Bushey Bridge in Sept 1989 while we wait for the J1211 train
SI dn dj3580 southe bushey bridge tree sept 1989.JPG
Followed by the Southbound. The Southereners were tmetabled to cross at Goodwood from memory.
SI dn fern blanket refl 3 apr 89.JPG
The April 1989 Silver Fern Tour at Blanket Bay
SI dn fern house apr 89.JPG
And near Waianakarua?
SI dn fern merton br apr 89.JPG
SI dn fern pt chalmers better apr 89.JPG
Port Chalmers
SI dn fern puke apr 89.JPG
Pukeraki (are we sick of the stainless steel tube yet?)
SI dn fern s curve apr 89.JPG
Last one for now near Warrington
SI dn j1211 bushey side tree sept 1989.JPG
J1211 at Bushey (in the SUN!!!)
SI dn night 5189 dx embankment jun 1989 take 2.JPG
A pair of DXs up the embankment about to head south. From memory this train was 156 4 wheel equivs long
SI dn night triple 4853 5327 4847 jun 1989.JPG
Another night triple with 4853 5327 4847 in June 1989
SI dn oil rig 2 6161 6041 apr 88.JPG
The 'oil rig' special train  enters Dunedin Yard behind 6161 and 6041 in April 1988
SI dn snow 4939 5270 3545 20 jun 1989.JPG
20 June 1989... snow! Amongst snowballs and people skiing n the streets, DC 4939, DX5270 and dead DJ3545 get ready to head south. The driver gave me a ride from the depot, back to the station and up to here. God bless the man.
SI dn snow 4939 5270 loco 20 jun 1989.JPG
3545 and 5270 at the depot about half an hour prior
SI dn wingatui 4 3499 3326 sept 1988.JPG
Ken Devlin and I went for a wee walk to catch an OETT train with 3499 and 3326 at Wingatui, Sept 1988
SI inv de 1389 1989-90.JPG
A pair of DEs at the end of their lives in Invercargill in 89
SI mid 3499 3188 waitaki southe may 88.JPG
DJs 3499 and 3188 cross the Waitaki in May 88
SI mid 6070 3107 3418 orari southe may 88.JPG
Near St Andrews, DF 6070 and DJs 3107 and 3418. Occasionally the DF was added on Saturdays and didn't get off at Oamaru
SI mid 6191 dsc 2693 tim may 88.JPG
DSC 2693 shuffles wagons around of DF 6191s train 147 at Timaru, May 1988
SI midland elusive electrics otira jan 83.JPG
One of almost zero pics of the EOs in service - Our family used to go to the Coast regularly to visit Mum's rellies, but the EOs always heard us coming and hid. 1983
SI oam 5235 5270 4876 yard zoom jun 1989.JPG
5235 5270 4876 arrive at Oamaru in June 1989
SI oam 5270 southe may 1989.JPG
5270 heads the Southerner across the Humber St overbridge in Oamaru in May 1989
SI oam dj dx reflection station may 1989.JPG
May 1989
SI oam j1211 humber st sept 1989.JPG
J1211 crosses Humber st, Sept 1989
SI picton 6006 6104 jan 1988.JPG
6006 and 6104 leaving Picton in Jan 1988
SI picton 6058 df df elevation passenger jan 1988.JPG
Treble DFs on the Picton train at Elevation in Jan 1988. Funnily enough it later turned out that Ken Devlin was up that way too - that was his green car at left.
SI picton de 1366 dead cab jan 1988.JPG
Terminally ill DE 1366 at Picton after an altercation with an LA in Dunedin. Jan 1988
SI studz 3096 southe dec 1987.JPG
Near Studholme, all blue DJ 3096 with the Southerner in Dec 1987
SI Studz st andrews 3096 southe 5517 goods jan 88.JPG
In Jan 1988 the same loco s in charge of a Southbound waiting at St Andrews for DX 5517
SI tim 6277 southe pareora.JPG
DF 6277 approaches Timaru with a Northbound. 


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