Tehachapi 16/17 

Sept 30-Oct 1 and Nov 11 2006


Hmmm...  if you have to travel to San Francisco occasionally for work, wouldn't it be sensible to pay a weekend visit  to Tehachapi now and again?

Weather: Bleah to appalling and back. 

Trains: Plenty.

 It Could Only Happen in the Movies: So I'm walking into the elevator at work and feel something slip out of my fingers. I look down to see the rental car keys falling in slow-mo towards the gap between the lift and the floor. Of course they don't fall in, because there are two keys, a remote unlocker and the Hertz tag. A colleague already in the lift and I look at each other - that was lucky! As I'm reaching down, the keys schloop down through the gap as if sucked by some Hogwarts spell and plummet to their death 7 floors below. Bloody hell.


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All digital images by Darryl K Bond. Feel free to use for non-profit purposes provided you credit the photographer, provide a link to here and let me know! All are sub 200-600 kb jpeg files.