Tehachapi 16 Sept/Oct 2006 and 17 Nov 2006

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F51T6407 copy.JPG
Saturday morning begins with Mini-me second out in a downhill manifest coming down through Walong, the loop siding. Mr Google tells me that BNSF 3420 is a SW1500 built in Dec 1969.
F51T6411 copy.JPG
Geico the gecko basks in the sun above tunnel 10
F51T6420 copy.JPG
Tehachapi loop panorama. It occurred to me on the drive down that I don't really have that many pictures of the loop itself, and as the weather looked pretty dodgy anyway, I figured I might as well sit up there and snap what comes by 
F51T6422 copy.JPG
A short UP manifest ambles down the loop while the stacker ahead of it waits at Woodford for an uphill
F51T6427 copy.JPG
>Cyclops BN SD60m 9236 and ex ATSF 344 make up an unusual combo at the head of a short empty coil train following the UP train which is visible in the background stopped outside Woodford. The dispatcher resolves this problem by bringing the uphill into Woodford and then running the three downhills out.
F51T6429 copy.JPG
UP manifest at the loop with three AC4400s on the front and another bringing up the rear.
F51T6430 copy.JPG
An Evowedgie, an H2, a UP AC6000 and an extremely faded H2 power a coil train uphill with an additional pair of Dash 9s helping out at the back 
F51T6432 copy.JPG
Clouds, clouds, clouds. I head over to the Mojave end to find: clouds. UP at the Warren curve.
F51T6435 copy.JPG
There's not much else to do when its cloudy but play...
F51T6442 copy.JPG
Two fish in a tank: One turns to the other and says: "Do you know how to drive this thing?"
F51T6444 copy.JPG
Sunday begins with a few rays of sun outside tunnel 10
F51T6457 copy.JPG
Downhill near the Tehachapi webcam
F51T6461 copy.JPG
Stacks of stacks this trip
F51T6471 copy.JPG
Approaching the loop from below as the blue sky evaporates
F51T6476 copy.JPG
Loop de Loop
F51T6493 copy.JPG
Another panorama of the loop from tunnel 10
F51T6497 copy.JPG
Grotty weather at Woodford
F51T6508 copy.JPG
And at Clear Creek
F51T6515 copy.JPG
And at Bealville
F51T6521 copy.JPG

F51T6528 copy.JPG

California Quails

F51T6531 copy.JPG
A UP train runs down the Caliente Narrows
F51T6536 copy.JPG
Its Raining Again
F51T6542 copy.JPG
Having fun at 16mm

F51T6543 copy.JPG

Tehachapi 17 November 11 2006

F51T6921 copy.JPG
The race is on at Bealeville, with a pair of UP trains heading uphill. The stacker is given the light leaving the manifest to wait. 
F51T6925 copy.JPG
...and wait some more as a UP pig train also passes by
F51T6929 copy.JPG
The train of trailers in the sun at Woodford
F51T6934 copy.JPG
Further up the line near Marcel, the stacker comes by next, obviously overtaken by the trailers as well 
F51T6939 copy.JPG
The manifest finally makes it through Marcel. Wow, three UP trains in a row! All with cleanish locos!
F51T6940 copy.JPG
A tiny BNSF coil train is up next with some gloomy clouds visible in the background
F51T6943 copy.JPG
After the mandatory haircut break, the clouds roll in ahead of this colourful downhill BNSF manifest 
F51T6956 copy.JPG
After a long wait at Warren fails to bear fruit, this pair of warbonnets with a UP intruder glides under the signal bridge near Mojave 
F51T6969 copy.JPG
Followed by a late wedgie in the evening sun