Tehachapi 4


teh4 bealville lmx away glint 8553 9509(sf30c) 5983 7051 7089.JPG
LMX Dash 8-39B 8553 and four other locos (Livingston rebuild 9509, F45 5983, and BNs 7051 & 7089) hammer out of Bealville towards tunnel 3.
teh4 bnsf loop down close.JPG
Ahead at the loop, four BNSF Dash 9s creep down the spiral as the train from the previous shot waits in the background at Woodford. 
teh4 sfe 8 down t10.JPG
The next downhill train has eight locos, with Warbonnet and blue Santa Fe, silver and pumpkin BNSF, KCS, and BN green represented. Widebody SDF40-2 is the last loco of the consist,  seen here approaching tunnel 10. 

teh4 sfe 8 down loop.JPG
The same train coils down the loop
teh4 loop bridge lmx horiz.JPG
The LMX led train finally gets the light to continue it's ascent and is soon swinging around the bridge at the fifth Tehachapi Creek crossing as it approaches the loop. 
teh4 loop 9 lmx horiz.JPG
teh4 loop lmx vert.JPG

teh4 loop lmx hor.JPG

Through Walong and glinting away above Tunnel 10

teh4 loop lmx away glint.JPG
teh4 bnsf loop de loop.JPG
With the rear of its train in the foreground, a long BNSF doublestack/piggyback train heads down the spiral. 
teh4 sf sd75 sd75 bn c30-7 8228 8225 5063.JPG
BNSF SD75Is 8228 and 8225 accompany C30-7 5063 on an uphill coil train at tunnel 2
teh4 sfe 8 down allard.JPG
The SF 8 loco train swings down through the east end of Allard...
teh4 sfe 8 down caliente away.JPG
... and approaches the model-railway-like Caliente curve.
teh4 bnsf sd40-2b 5514 caliente bridge.JPG
Shortly afterward, a BNSF Dash 9 heads Santa Fe 5514, a cabless SD 45-2B loco on an empty coil train. 
teh4 sp uphil caliente bridge.JPG
A long nose Santa Fe SD40-2 leads a general manifest train up out of Caliente. Three yellow UP helpers cut in mid-train can be seen above the second engine
teh4 up helpers caliente bridge.JPG
Three big ACs - an SD90 between a pair of AC4400s - make an unusual helper combination from what I've seen! 
teh4 sp uphil cable.JPG
Further uphill, the train struggles uphill through Cable.
teh4 sp uphil 202.JPG
And approaches the town of Tehachapi
teh 4 cnw gatx up caliente.JPG
Back downhill at Caliente, an ex C&NW Dash 9 heads a train down along the creek. 
teh4 up tunnel 3 9 sd40-2 sd70.JPG
Up at Tunnel 3, a UP train with an EMD leasing SD70M as the third unit heads uphill as the shadows lengthen.