2009 China Steam Calendar

If you have seen my China pages you might have read the 'trip reports'. These are not trip reports in the usual railfan sense but were a series of Blackberry emails sent from China to my bewildered friends, workmates and relatives who couldn't understand why one would go all that way just to take pictures of steam trains. 

For the last few years I've made up calendars with my China pictures as Christmas presents to help them understand why.

If you weren't on my Christmas Card list this year and would like one of these delightful calendars for yourself, and have a credit card or any money left in the stock market,  click here. Alternatively you can instruct your wife to get you one for Christmas.

It's in the wall calendar style with a different A4 / 8.5in x 11in full-colour image for each month and the calendar bit - another page below, all spiral bound together in a marvel of modern engineering - has the US holidays marked. Sorry, that's just the way it comes...

Sample pages( the other months you can see by clicking on the above link):


2009 China Steam Calendar

2009 China Steam Calendar

On my original run for the family etc there were some issues with the captions being cut off, but this has been fixed now, random manufacturing errors notwithstanding. 

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