NZ Stuff

Locomotives of New Zealand (Wikipedia)

Diesel Traction Group - restoring NZ's pioneer English Electric diesels.

Weka Pass Railway - home to A 428 and DGs 770 and 791 

Rhys Batchelor's NZ120 scale blog 

A nicely done youtube vid of the modern NZ scene 

Peter McGavin's NZ train links

NZ Railway and Loco Society

NZ Model Railway Guild

Beginners guide to NZ's locos and signals (youtube). For unknown reasons I find this amusing and somewhat groovy.  

US Stuff

Grumpy's World (Jim Gilley's train pics, railfan diary and general socio-political commentary) 

Tehachapi Railcam and forums

Kern Junction - Kevin Stevens' Tehachapi pages

Railroad Crossings - Brett Wirick's Seligman maps and railfan guide - John Benner's pics from Arizona and the desert southwest 


Farrail - Bernd Seiler's railtours - the easiest way to see the world's remaining steam

Photography Stuff

The RailPix Critic Blog

The Luminous Landscape

Samy's Camera (rentals - LA)

Pix (rentals - LA)

B&H New York - the most amazing photo store in the world?