From the garage of Ken Devlin

Batch 3 - August 7 2008

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2445 2059 dead.JPG

I well remember seeing 2059 on temporary transport bogies and one day I'll find some dates to go with these...

3 dgs.JPG

Now that must have been a racket. a recab and two old fogies blast past. Now can I find the towards-the-camera shot...

3021 3211 southe sawyers.JPG

Apologies to DJ fans for a lack of coverage... here are 3021 and 3211 in a sweet shot of the Southerner (remember that?) at perennially-scenic Sawyers Bay

3073 3240.JPG

3073 and 3240 on a goods

3073 3240 merton.JPG

A beaut shot of the same train on what I guess is the Merton bridge

3234 1843 1820 light cumb yard.JPG

3234, 1843 and 1820 running light in Dunedin's main yard

dsc 2693 anzac ave.JPG

DSC 2693 shunts under Anzac Ave. Could the above be a string of wagons for storage or scrapping at P Bay?

dsc 2693 bitumen anzac.JPG

Another interesting move with what might be a nice warm bitumen wagon from the same spot

kensington bridge steam cranes 0 in yard.JPG

With the elimination of Dunedin's suburban double tracking in the early 1980s, one of the bridges near the former Kensington station above Hillside became surplus and was relocated to Kataki, north of Shag Point. This series of shots chronicles the removal of the spans by a pair of Craven steam cranes.

kensington bridge steam cranes 1.JPG

kensington bridge steam cranes 2.JPG

kensington bridge steam cranes 4.JPG

Note the old gas works in the background.

3015 1837 dn.JPG

3015 and 1837 bumbling around Dunedin with one of the Cravens

mf 1412.jpg

DE 1412 at Dunedin loco

mf 2105 2140.JPG

Recabs  2105 and 2140

Remember how it used to feel great when you got two or three really nice prints or slides back from a roll of freshly processed film? I may be smoking crack, but the rest of the shots on this page seem to have come from the same roll. They were certainly all in a single negative folder. I'll recheck this when I get home, but if it is true, this series of shots blows my average out of the water.

  mf 2105 2468 sawyers.JPG

The first shot in a dazzling array of combos is  2105 and 2468 at the Bay 

mf 2140 2322 1843.JPG

DG 2140, old cab 2322 and 1843 a little closer to Dunedin

mf 2290 1843.JPG

2290 and 1843 on the stones in Dunedin's yard

mf 2330 2036 2290 big cutting.JPG

Boiiiing! Triple recabs 2330, 2036 and 2290 at the big cutting. 

mf 2330 2111 big c.JPG

2330 and 2111 just north of the previous shot

mf 2330 2232 2111 sawyers.JPG

This mix of recabs with a slave in the middle: 2330, 2232 and 2111 at Sawyers Bay was one of the proposed operating configurations for the slave units but was it ever repeated?

mf 2330 2255 ravens.JPG

A more common pairing of 2330 and 2255 run beside the harbour at Ravensbourne. See Virginia, the sun does shine in Dunedin. From time to time.

mf 2347 2128.JPG

2347 2128 on the Church Road curve

mf 3159 3185.JPG

This is probably the train that Ken was actually hunting. Don't you hate when the clouds do this?

mf 3482 1820 causeway.JPG

DJ 3482 and 1820 on the causeway

mf 6006 3545 2290 sawyers.JPG

DF 6006, DJ 3545 and DG 2290at Sawyers Bay

mf 6006 3545 2290 church.JPG

The same combo at Church Rd. Holy guacamole. It rarely gets more exiting on this website... I think I need to pee.

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