From the garage of Ken Devlin

Batch 5 - Added Nov 2008

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11814 shunt above hillside.JPG

DI 1814 wheels a shunt above Hillside

1204 old dg.JPG

DJ 1204 and an old old DG

1211 plus DG on southerner south.JPG

First pic I remember seeing of a DG on the Southerner  - 1211 motors south

1808 1843 goods nov dec 85.JPG

Another nice catch here with pure DI power on a goods - 1808 1843 

1808 oett sawyers.JPG

1808 withe the OETT above Sawyers Bay

1837 2111 2255.JPG

DI 1837 leads 2111 and 2255 at Dunedin

1837 2347 fresh.JPG

1837 and 2347 both fresh from the shops beside the last segment of the old Dn loco depot. 2347 still has its yellow rear, preceding the 1980 accident on the Otago Central line that resulted in a red repaint at the back

2347 1837 fresh.JPG

1837 3096 stone burnside.JPG

1837 and 3096 at Burnside with a stoner

1837 carisbrook shunt.JPG

Ken's green accord basks in the diffused light above Carisbrook while 1837 pass by with a shunt which includes a Price TR (possibly 776) in the background

2036 dg goods waitati.JPG

A nice shot of 2036 and an old cab DG at Waitati

2111 1814 dgs back tracks.JPG

Blank DG 760 becomes 2111; with DI 1814 behind it on the back tracks. Now here's an interesting one - 1814 has serif "1"s rather than the "I"s it and 1820 carried for most of their fruit salad days

1814 1837 stone waitati.JPG

DI 1814 + 1837 on the stone train - still with serifs

2128 2330.JPG

Recabs on a goods

2255 2290 load bank dn.JPG

DTG DG 2255 and recab 2290 sit beside the Dunedin load bank

2439 dn loco.JPG

Recab 2439 at Dunedin Loco

2468 dn loco.JPG

Clean slave DG 2468 at Dunedin 

3073 2140 2347 big cutting.JPG

DJ  3073 heads two recabs (2140 and 2347) at the big cutting 

3096 3188 3234 sawyers nov dec 85.JPG

Triple DJs 3096, 3188 and 3234 above Sawyers Bay in Dec 85

3476 southe waitati.JPG

DJ 3476 brings the Southerner across the picturesque bridge at the south end of Waitati 

3205 southe live dj on southe.JPG

And black stripe 3205 plus a Southerner-liveried job head north at the same spot

3326 red dunedin.JPG

Red DJ 3326 at Dunedin

3499 2036 1215 1219.JPG

3499 and 2036 at Dunedin loco with 1215 and 1235 in the background

3522 3194 3211 big cutting.JPG

Triple DJs 3522, 3194 and 3211 at the big cutting 

6202 southe sawyers nov dec 85.JPG

DF 6202 on a holiday Southerner in the mid 1980s


Solitary Dg 764on a goods


DG 765 and friends

779 old dn loco.JPG

779 in the last bit of  the old Dn loco shed

787 1215 779 dn loco.JPG

787 1215 779 at Dunedin loco

787 hillside high fin.JPG

A scratchy scan of DG 787 at Hillside. 

ab 663 dn loco.JPG

AB 663 at Dunedin Loco - amazing this little nugget survived in a corner at Hillside until the 90s  to be restored to working condition today.

db 1082 hillside.JPG

DB 1082 overhauled at Hillside

de 1337 dg bogie 2290.JPG

DE 1337 airs itself in the sun with a DG bogie in the foreground. Grab me that

DG rotten row.JPG

A mixture of live and dead DGs at Dunedin

dis subbies.JPG

A nice view of DIs at Dunedin Station

dj subbies.JPG

And a similar view with DJs

dj 120x southe .JPG

Southerner set

recabs at dn nov dec 85.JPG

Recabs at Dunedin

rotten row.JPG

Rotten row - nice weathering on that DG...

tr 943 Hillside.JPG

Hillside shops shunter TR  943 hasn't strayed far from its birthplace

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